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We believe in craftmanship. Artisan techniques are the base of all the products.

We make timeless bags, that you can use over the years, leave for a while and take them back. We believe in quality instead of quantity, products and design you will keep forever!

All our products are made inside EU. Our mission is to produce locally, support small companies (like us) and pay fair salaries for our products and materials production.

Which materials we use?
We always select materials that we like to touch. We use natural materials like leather, cotton and wood because of their superior features.
Leathers we use, chrome or vegetable tanned, are all made under the REACH regulations inside EU, to ensure a high level of protection of human health and environment.
Our main materials are reindeer leather from Lapland, cow leather from Spain, finnish birch wood and water based colors for the fabric printing.

We produce our bags in middle Finland and in Menorca, Spain. We buy the reindeer leather from Lapland and the cow leather from Spain.
Our printed product are either handprinted by ourselves or reactive dye printed by a small family company in middle Finland.
All our jewellery is lasercut in Helsinki and handpainted by ourselves.

We work with permanent products that stay in our collections for a long time. Every season we review the collection and add new products and colors to complement them. In addition to that, we launch some seasonal products every year.

"Bags and wallets, that carry all the stories of your life"

Free delivery inside EU on purchases over 50€