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3 Ways to Wear the KOKO Bag

The Functional Work Companion

The idea behind the KOKO 3-in-1 bag was to create a simple, stylish bag that adapts to the needs of an urban commuter. KOKO transforms from a briefcase to a backpack or a messenger bag, thanks to the detachable strap and two shoulder strap pads. The aim was to create a bag that wouldn’t just look sleek but also be functional. The different ways of commuting were in the heart of the design process; how to carry it when walking, commuting or biking to work. “We decided to combine all in one bag. Something you can take on any kind of commute and yet look good in a meeting. Koko is designed specifically for work, thinking that it fits exactly a laptop with accessories, notebooks, pens, and other things you might carry around”, recalls Kalle Järveläinen, the co-founder of MOIMOI.  

The design process was fairly long: it took time, research, testing, drafting, and prototypes to create the perfect multifunctional bag. “It took us around one year to get it right. It needed to look as simple as possible and still work in different ways, so it was one of the most complicated designs we have made so far. Lots of drawing and thinking”, Kalle explains. KOKO has remained as one of the bestsellers since its introduction in 2015. The practicality and classic design has made KOKO an all-time favourite.

The strap is adjustable and comes with two shoulder strap pads, which can be adjusted for additional comfort. The bag has a small loop on the backside which guides the shoulder strap to turn it into two backpack straps. Wearing the KOKO bag as a backpack leaves your hands free and works perfectly when you are riding your bicycle or scooter.

koko black on bike

The small handle on top of the bag enables it to be carried as a briefcase. 
The classy briefcase look is always smart, and enables keeping your bag safely next to you when commuting on the tram, bus or subway. You can carry the detachable shoulder strap inside the bag to change the look later.

koko brown briefcase

Image: The OGNC

The Messenger
The bag has two sturdy brass loops on the sides, which are used for the messenger or cross-body feature. The adjustable strap is attached with one shoulder strap pad through the loops, and it enables to have your hands free and carry the bag on your side. The shoulder strap pad keeps the weight balanced, and allows you to carry your things comfortably in style.

koko brown messenger