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Behind the Product Names

Introducing OTTO, MARILIN and BOMBOM

All of the MOIMOI products have a name to identify the product. These names carry a story and an identity that has been somehow meaningful in the design process – details and memories which have tied together ideas. In this post we would like to introduce you better to OTTO, MARILIN and BOMBOM.

OTTO is a cross-body unisex tote bag which was designed in 2016. The name Otto is a palindrome, and it was inspired by Julio Medem’s movie Los amantes del circulo polar (1998). The design of the bag is symmetrical: It looks the same from both sides, just like the name.

MARILIN bucket bag was first designed in 2015. The inspiration came to MOIMOI’s designer and co-founder Raquel Alonso from her childhood memories from Spain. She remembered her mother’s favorite handbag being a bucket bag, which she used a lot. The name for the bag came easy: Marilin is Raquel’s mother’s first name.

BOMBOM bag was first designed in 2011, and it was one of the first bags by MOIMOI. The round silhouette with a vertical pocket on the front makes it stand out, and the two adjustable straps make it easy to carry it as a cross-body bag or a handbag.  The bag got its name from the silhouette, which looks like chocolate candy; in Spanish they are known as bomboms.