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How to Make it Last – Part 2

A small guide on how to take care of your leather bag.

Care for your bag

The second step is to get a good quality wax to protect and nourish the leather. Natural ingredients such as beeswax or aloe vera are good for the leather. Applying the wax regularly makes all the difference: just like you moisturize your own skin, you should use a quality wax for your leather bag.

 After applying the leather wax let it effect a few hours to properly soak in, then wipe off the excess with a soft fabric. Consider this spa treatment a reward to your loyal bag and companion after carrying all those files, laptops and whatnots around.

 Taking good care of your bag and treating it with wax helps to maintain its qualities. Just like you treat yourself with a good night’s sleep or a visit to a spa, also your bag needs time to rest and get pampered.