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How to Make it Last – Part 3

A small guide on how to take care of your leather bag.

Protect and preserve

To keep your bag looking great for years to come, make sure you protect it from excessive rain, sunlight, dryness and heat. Store your bag inside a dust bag when it’s not in use.

 If the bag gets wet, let it dry naturally in room temperature – do not apply direct heat to it. If your bag gets a small scratch or some dirt on it, you can use some dubbin to cover up the cosmetic damages. When it comes to wear and tear, we recommend you take the bag to a professional cobbler.

 All in all, you should let your bag age gracefully. Just like us, leather bags take on their own character. Vegetal tanned leather develops a beautiful, darker colour with time. With a little effort, your bag will last in great condition for years to come.