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The Festive Bag Edition

Above, Marilin Small

Investing in a small, versatile handbag will make getting dressed for parties easier. A timeless and classy handbag is a must-have, which will become a trusty companion that will be your plus one to the parties. 

May it be a minimalistic clutch that goes with everything or a playful handbag that will stand out, a good-quality handbag will complement any outfit and you will love it from this season to the next.

Look elegant with ROSEMARY or MARIA

Rosemary Black in hand

ROSEMARY comes with a detachable strap, so it can be worn casually as a crossbody bag or you can dress it up more as a clutch. It will fit your phone, cards and keys inside easily, and an envelope bag never goes out of style. 

Maria Pouch on table

MARIA clutch bag has a loop handle, and the minimalistic design goes well with any outfit. You can carry it as a small pouch inside a bigger bag for work, and conveniently use it as a clutch when you switch off and want to go for an after-work party. 

The bronze coloured brass details on the bags go well with both silver or gold jewellery. The combination of the vegetable tanned leather and bronze looks natural, and lets your jewellery stand in the spotlight. 

Add a touch of playfulness with BOMBOM or MARILIN Small

BOMBOM bag on a chair

BOMBOM bag has a beautiful round silhouette and a horizontal pocket with a zipper detail in the front. It comes with two detachable leather straps, which give it versatility. Using the shorter one the bag works well as a small handbag, suitable for any party. For a more relaxed look, use it with the longer strap. 

MARILIN small – this bag will stand out from the rest! The drawstring fastening makes the bag simply adorable. MARILIN small also comes with two detachable straps, and carrying it as a handbag using the shorter strap it looks cute as a button. (in the main picture)