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What’s in My Bag with Mari K.

Mari has gathered a style philosophy and aesthetic that exemplifies timelessness and minimalism. Working in Fashion Marketing and currently on maternity leave with her first-born, Mari shares on her blog inspirations and thoughts on style, design, beauty, and wellbeing. In this article Mari opens the interiors of her bag, shares her thoughts on sustainability, and gives a great tip on how to instantly elevate your outfit.

Hi Mari! Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m Mari, 32 years old fashion lover & worker, blogger and a Graphic Designer. The recent years I’ve been working in fashion and marketing, but currently I’m on a maternity leave with our first-born. 

What do you carry in your bag?
I always carry my phone, keys, cardholder and my notebook in my bag. And Elisabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream lip balm, which I’m totally addicted to! I also carry my MacBook with me, it fits to the OTTO tote bag easily. I often also have my camera and sunnies with me. So apparently, I carry quite a lot in my bag…

Would you describe yourself a minimalist or a maximalist?
I’m definitely a minimalist! I love all things minimal and simple. “Less is more” is one of my mottoes. It goes with everything: from wardrobe to lifestyle.

Do you carry a make-up bag?
Depends of the day and the bag. Often, I just carry my make-up essentials (CC-cream and lip balm) with me. If the day is long and I have a big bag with me, then I might carry the whole make-up bag along.

otto black 

What is the most surprising thing you carry in your bag?
Probably earrings. I tend not to wear earrings a lot in my everyday life, but you’ll never know when you’ll need them, so I just carry them in my bag. With a good pair of earrings, you can easily upgrade your look in a second.

What does your bag say about you?
Hopefully it says I’m a (stylish, smart and successful) boss lady!

otto black on table

What is the most important thing to consider, when you are looking to buy a new bag?
Style, material and quality. I like my clothes and accessories long lasting and classic. I also pay more and more attention where and how the product is made. Sustainability and right brand values are important when I’m choosing a brand. I also like smaller, local brands: I feel that entrepreneurship is underestimated and if I can choose, I prefer real craftsmanship than big international chains and mass production.

If you could trade bags with anyone, who would it be?
I’d probably change bags with one of my best friends, because she has so many beautiful bags. On a deeper level, it would be awesome to trade bags with some politician or a successful businesswoman: I bet they’d have some interesting insights in their bags.

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