We are happy that you got interested in our pre-owned program. Our aim is to take responsibility for everything we produce and help you having the right bag in the right moment through your life.

If you own a MOIMOI bag that you have not been using in long time, giving it a second chance is a very good option! You can bring it back to us and we will look for a new happy owner!

How does the Pre-owned program work?

  1. Bring your used MOIMOI accessories bag personally to our studio-store in Helsinki or send it to us. (Address below)
  2. In return for your bag you will receive a 20% discount coupon for your next full price purchase.
  3. We will take care of your bag, it will go through our repairing service if necessary and we will sell it as pre-owned in our studio-shop.

MOIMOI accessories Oy
Mechelininkatu 23
00100 Helsinki, Finland

Are you interested in buying a Pre-owned bag? 

Send us an email or Instagram DM telling: Interested in pre-owned "bag model and color" pictures and price. 

Bags available at the moment:

- VEGAN Bombom in black

If you have any questions about our Pre-owned program or would you like to bring/ send us a bag, you can contact us to: info(at)moimoi-accessories.com