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Zero Waste Collection

Lately we’ve been inspired by the zero waste movement and the whole MOIMOI team has been evaluating their daily habits – even small things such as carrying your own shopping bag with you and saying no to plastic cups, straws, and bags can really make a difference.

The thought about a zero waste lifestyle evolved into thinking about our own production and the remaining cuttings of the leather – could those cuttings be used for something?

We designed a small zero waste collection from the cuttings which would usually go to waste. This small collection includes a card wallet and a keychain, which are giving the excess cuttings a new life in the form of useful, functional products. The collection will be launched on our web shop during October 2018, but to celebrate the Zero Waste September movement we will include either a card wallet or a key chain to all web orders over 250€ during September. 

Are you aspiring to live a more zero waste life? Have you heard of the Zero Waste September movement? Take part in the discussion on our Instagram page, we would love to hear your best tips for an easier shift towards a more zero waste lifestyle.