We are a sustainable hand bags brand from Helsinki.

Our premium quality bags are made considering day-to-day tasks while maintaining a taste for clean, modern lines. Bags that you can use over the years, leave for a while and then use them again. Our products age beautiful, making each one of them unique, your own.

We believe in traditional craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Our philosophy is to buy less and better quality, products that last long. Every item must be practical, timeless without sacrificing the good looks. A MOIMOI bag is meant to be in your wardrobe for many years. 

Our mission is to produce locally, keeping craftsmanship alive while offering you a  timeless design bag. 

We design all our products in Helsinki and produce them in Spain and Finland. We will always keep our production inside EU to ensure we know everyone involved in the production chain. Every product tells where it has been produced to keep things transparent. All our products are made with artisanal techniques and vegetal tanned leather or vegan alternatives to leather.


Making of MOIMOI bags

Our bags that are made in the beautiful village of Ubrique, Spain, which is famous for producing premium-quality leather goods. The area has a rich history in leather craftsmanship and the necessary techniques are passed down generations, resulting in an excellent quality of work which can be seen in the care and detail of each piece.

By supporting small businesses and local artisans in Spain we are keeping alive a tradition and knowledge that has existed for thousands of years. The experience and art that the craftsmen have developed through generations can be seen in the detailed stitching, cutting and finish in our bags. Combining the high-quality materials with timeless design we are creating bags that have a responsibility – a functional one, an aesthetic one, and a communal one.

Have a sneak peek of our factory here.

Renewable energy workshop

Since 2021 MOIMOI bags are produced with renewable energy. Our workshop partner is 100% self-suficient and emission free.


Vegetal tanned leather

We at MOIMOI are focusing to create bags that are not just functional and aesthetically pleasing but made from materials that respect the nature. When designing products, there is always a responsibility in the process. As you may know, all our leather bags are made from vegetable tanned leather – but what does that mean?

Vegetal tanned leather

Leather is a very durable natural material, and if you maintain it well, it will last for years. To create leather products that last, the leather must be treated first. Enhancing the leather with tannins is essential, and the tannins make it more resistant and take care that it doesn’t decay.

All our products are made from vegetable tanned leather, which means that the tannins used are natural. The natural tannins are tree bark, wood, leaves, and other natural elements. The vegetable tanning process can take up to six weeks – it’s slower, but it doesn’t need harmful chemicals, and a part of the water can be reused in the process.

The leather we use is tanned in Spain near Barcelona, in an area that has a vast history in leather tanning.

Vegetable tanning conserves the leather as it is naturally and creates a beautiful color that is unique in each bag, and the color deepens with time developing a beautiful patina over the years.

The vegan material

MOIMOI vegan material

Our vegan material looks and feels just like real leather, but is a non-leather alternative that is eco-friendly, durable, and waterproof. The material is Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 certified and is an ecological fabric free from toxic substances harmful to health and environment. The fabric is finished with a biodegradable PU-coating, which makes the bag waterproof, durable and easy to care for. The vegan bags are lined with recycled polyester giving a new life to recycled PET bottles.

We want to do our part and have a positive impact on the world around us. The material we use is sourced from La Rioja, Spain. Keeping the material and the production geographically near each other is better for the environment, since there are less emissions due to the logistics. 


We want to offer premium-quality while keeping the prices fair. We are able to offer this by no doing sales and focusing in selling online. 

By supporting small businesses, we can keep the tradition of handmade artisanal work and craftsmanship alive by introducing new sustainable materials and create timeless, durable pieces that are made to last.